Week 3 – 1.8lbs lost and down to 18% Body Fat


Managed to continue to keep my calorie intake down to 1618 kcal/day, slightly below my target, and my exercise to 5 days of moderate activity per week and the science is still proving its worth! I also tweaked my diet this weeek to ensure that I was hitting my micronutrient targets shown in the Nutritics software analysis. During the previous weeks the only ones I wasn’t hitting through the balanced WFPB diet were the Selenium and Iodine targets. Not major concerns but by introducing Brazil nuts into my diet as a snack food and starting to use iodised salt in my cooking (you can buy it in Polish supermakets) I managed to get my levels up and close to the recommended intakes. No problem with CalciumĀ or Vitamin B12 intake as I regularly use fortified soya milk, particularly for breakfast, and yeast extract (I love marmite!) as a snack on seeded bread. All in all another successful week with no major issues or cravings and I’m getting seriously close to my lowest weight since 1998 when I ran the London Marathon! Managing my food intake seems to be just as effective for weight loss as running 50+ miles/week and I’m 20 years older! My protein intake is slightly below target, an issue I will look to address next week with some more minor tweeks to my menu planning!


Favourites recipes this week from the Plant-Based 4 Running cookbook, Bircher Fruit Muesli in the mornings with different flavours of soya yoghurt, and the Pearl Barley Mushroom Risotto, a tasty WFPB take on a restaurant favourite!

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