Week 4 – Another 2lbs lost and body fat closing in on target!

A pattern is emerging where I am managing to keep my calorie intake below the target 1661 calories during the week but not at the weekend. This weekend a major curry was the issue on Sunday but despite that my weekly average intake was only just over at 1774 calories per day and I still managed to lose 2lbs! As previously discussed energy balance is key. Energy in has to be below energy out/expended to lose the weight. So by concentrating on keeping the intake at or below the targetĀ  while maintaining moderate exercise 3-5 days per week the balance is still tipped in the weight loss direction! I also managed a long walk on Sunday as I knew the curry night was on the cards which, again, managed to offset the extra calories consumed. My target body fat percentage is also now in sight and measured at 17.5% with the “healthy” band of 14-17% now tantalisingly close!

Caribbean Beans “n” Rice from the Plant-Based 4 Running cookbook was this weeks favourite, which is not only tasty but has a good balance of nutrients to support health and active living! Cooking the rice in low fat coconut milk really gives it a delicious creamy texture and flavour!

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