Week 2 – 1.6lbs lost body fat stable

With the May Bank holiday and a weekend away this week was always going to be harder. Not cooking my own meals and eating out gave me less control of my calorie intake. Having said that by choosing healthy plant-based options from the menus (and more and more retaurants are offering good vegan options now!) and even given a couple of beers in an Italian restaurant my average calorie intake was 1557 and below my target of 1661! I also kept to my exercise regime with 5 days per week doing 1 hour of moderate exercise. On the Bank Holiday Sunday we actually did 3 hours in Yorkshire Sculpture Park followed by a Vegan dinner at the Prashad Vegetarian Indian restaurant near Leeds. If you are ever in the area you must try it the food is amazing and unlike your standard high street Indian restaurant!

Bottom line the science is still working with a calorie deficit, even given some less than perfect days, resulting in weight loss. My Nutritics report also showed that my overall macro amd micronutrient intakes were pretty healthy too! More on that next week!

Favourite recipe from the Plant-Based 4 Running cookbook this week? The Curried Cauliflower Salad, which is a go too favourite!

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