Week 1- 2lbs lost and a 1% Body fat reduction!

Using the equations included in the Plant-Based 4 Running cookbook to calculate my daily energy needs the figures came to 2661 kcals based on moderate daily activity and exercising 3-5 times per week. In order to achieve my target weight loss of 2lbs per week the science suggests a calorie deficit of 1000 kcals/day so my target intake was therefore 1661 kcal/day. By using the recipes in the book, which give you the calorie and macronutrient breakdowns, my weekly total average intake was actually 1672 kcal. I love cooking and I love the food and I also love the fact that I did lose the first 2lbs and 1% off my body fat measurement in the first week! This was despite having a bit of a blip on the Saturday and a 2000 kcal day! The macro and micronutrient analysis showed that with the exception of iodine, the diet was 

well balanced and gave me all the minerals and vitamins I needed. I found that logging my food daily on Nutritics, and planning each day in advance meant I avoided snacking late at night and didn’t get over hungry, with fruit being my go to snack. Favourite recipes of the week were Black Bean Soup, which served as dinner one night and lunch on the next day, and Satay Peanut Pasta, which is not only delicious but gave me plenty of carbohydrate (86g) and protein (23.1g) as well.


Let’s see what Week 2 brings but up to date scientific theory into practice is certainly working for me. The quick and easy recipes are really helping me to ensure I eat both healthfully and in line with calculated calorie targets!

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