Week 5 – Total weight loss 9lbs and body fat down to 16.4%!

So 5 weeks leading up to my holiday and following the scientific method of a 1000 calorie deficit per day has done the trick. Monitoring my daily calorie intake and using the recipes in the Plant-Based 4 Running nutrition guide and cookbook has enabled me to drop weight but also reduce my body fat % from an overweight 20.2% to a healthy 16.4% for my age.

The scientific evidence is pretty clear that if you create this sort of deficit in total calories then you will lose weight, no matter what the diet. In fact an American professor went on a junk food diet and managed to lose weight by following this simple but effective principal. What I have found with following a Plant-Based diet is that I have aso been eating nutritious, healthy food without feeling hungry. The recipes are quick and easy and can be fitted into any busy lifestyle, with just a bit of planning and a few store cupboard essentials. The benefits of a plant-based diet and lifestyle are discussed in the book but a diet that is better for your health, the environment, is sustainable, ethical and can help you to lose weight gradually, surely is one worth giving serious consideration? And the food is delicious and varied with different favourite recipes every week, this weeks were Rainbow Rice Salad and Special Baked Beans! I certainly didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything and am confident that the lifestyle changes I have made are sustainable and manageable and have not just been a quick fix diet.  Time will tell!!

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